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How it works

Giving you the wake YOU   want, not just the wake you get.
Introducing the patented* SwitchBlade Wake Enhancement System, the way to the perfect wake. The SwitchBlade starts by building on the premise above that pulls the boat deeper into the water, building a bigger wake, yet takes it to the next level. Our test show that the SwitchBlade is pulling the boat down with the force equaling 1200 lbs, while most boats are now using around a ton of ballast, it is what the SwitchBlade does with the prop wash that makes the difference.

The shape of the blade and the angle of attack redirects the prop wash up under the naturally occuring rise in the water. This forces the table higher. Just like lifting your hand under a piece of cloth, the prop wash lifts the table to new heights. In wakeboarding this will produce a larger wake that retains smooth ramps with plenty of pop for big air. In wakesurfing the pop wash is directed up at a steeper angle causing the table to rise and curl giving you a wake that angles off the center more like an ocean wave.
We have build the perfect wake, now to gain control of that power. The SwitchBlade engineers developed the perfect control system with 6 Different settings you can adjust the wake to meet the needs of each rider. With beginning riders you can keep the wake flatter and with the more advanced you can maximize it. When the Auto Launch system is engaged, producing the perfect wake for each rider becomes automatic. On your first run, set the blade to the desired size and shape, press the Auto Launch button, and each time the engine comes up to speed the blade will return to the last setting.
The SwitchBlade is more than just a patented wake enhancement device, it is a big air enhancement for wakeboarding and wakesurfing!!!!!